Sick Hair...A Warning / by Andrea Lemonds

My hair talks to me, not in words, but in its reaction to how I am physically, emotionally and mentally. At times hair is seen as an accessory, our identity, or a statement. But what would happen if we really listened to it (aka observed its nuances and changes throughout the seasons of life)? What would we hear? And would we take its advice?

According to Philip Kingsley via The Hair Bible, "Hair is an incredibly sensitive barometer of your body...." It can tell us of issues that are going on within us. These issues range from hormonal to stress to inadequate nutrition. Sometimes the signs do not show up until months later though and we do not connect the dots back. Although, when chemical work (i.e. color, straighteners, perms) is done on hair, it is harder to see shifts in hair for good or bad. Nevertheless, subtle changes can be seen if we know how to look for it. Hair changes throughout our lifetimes regardless.

Personal Note: A few years ago, my hair let me know that I was not doing well. I have since changed and balance is restored (...for now). I will remember that time and listen and adjust. I enjoy styling my hair in different ways, but I know now that it goes much deeper than just surface looks. It is an accompaniment and blends together the surface and the deeper depths of me.