Child-Like Hair Routine / by Andrea Lemonds

Do you remember what it was like to be a child? Carefree, Easy days, Simple contentment....and then we grow up to find life is busy, complicated and stressful. But does it have to be? Remembering those childhood hairy days, hair was easy and unbothered. Today we have every product and tool under the sun and we still are not happy with how our hair looks (especially on those humid days).

The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy offers a good perspective for a hair routine no matter the age: "Hair ALWAYS thrives best in low-manipulation environments regardless of products used." In the sentences preceding this statement, she reminds us that as children we really did not do much with our hair and had "extremely low-manipulation hair regimens." Much changed when we came into adulthood.  It is almost like we believe it is a right of passage to be able to use products and tools no matter if they are what is best for our hair or not.

At times, a client has said to me, "I'm really lazy. I don't blow dry my hair," to which I respond, "Good, it is better to let it air dry." It seems many people have been marketed and advertised into believing things that are not really to a person's hairy benefit. I am not against products or tools (I use them as a hairstylist), but I want people to have a better understanding of 1) their hair, 2) its true needs and 3) the best hair regimen for them.  This hairy journey will go on and hopefully, one head of hair at a time, people will come to understand a good way for their hair.