The Frizz Factor / by Andrea Lemonds

Upon reading many books and other material regarding curly and wavy hair, frizz has been quite the topic of discussion because of its negative view by many.  But what if we saw it in another light?  What if we saw it as a marker of something that tells us our hair is not doing well and things need to change?  What if we chose to see it as a sign of need?  And not as an unwanted by-product, a deeper issue that is not being addressed. Hopefully the following will give you something frizzy to ponder.

Frizz is your hair reaching out into the atmosphere for moisture.  It is our hair's way of telling us that it needs moisture.  When our hair gets what it needs, it lays down or calms down and does not reach out, hence the frizz. As Lorraine Massey explains in her book Curly Girl: The Handbook, "Once the hair fibers are sufficiently hydrated with conditioner, they will hold onto the moisture they need and the frizz will go away." Usually the problem lies with the cleansing products and hair routines we have. From harsh detergents that strip everything good (and bad) away to hair tools that have dehydrated hair, sometimes an over-haul is needed to get hair back to its best condition. This can take between two weeks to six months depending on the state the hair is in upon beginning a new hair routine. It is worth the journey and your hair will thank you for it.

Random side note: This always makes me think about people. When we are out of whack, we reach out, we are unbalanced, we do crazy things.  When we are balanced, we do not reach out, we are content, peaceful, calm.  Hair has taught me much about myself, others and our signs that sometimes go unseen or ignored. There are reasons why people act the way they do. Are we willing to go on the journey ourselves and with others to a deeper understanding and so heal? Go deeper..., you will not be the same and, hopefully, things will be better.